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Facts about our school

At general grammar school Gimnazija Moste we put emphasis on knowledge, developing good interpersonal relations, responsibility, and success, which we strive to achieve by using modern didactic methods. Teachers and all the other employees work to build the students' knowledge and cooperation among everybody in school. Lessons are organised so as to encourage students' talents and abilities, as well as responsibility and self-confidence.


Gimnazija Moste is a medium-sized school (approximately 500 students and 40 teachers) following the general 'gimnazija' curriculum. In the first year, students choose their second foreign language (they can choose among German, French, Italian, and Spanish). The first foreign language is English. Lessons in modern, well-equipped classrooms and laboratories take place only in the morning, beginning at 8.00 and mostly finishing by 14.35. Students have a 45-minute lunch break. In a comfortable and friendly school canteen they can choose among six to eight different menues (with or without meat, modified for different allergies,etc.).

Activities and competitions

We are aware that every student is an idividual with their own characteristics, knowledge and personality. Therefore students are offered a variety of different activites to develop their individual interests and abilities. You can see the many different choices on our school website or Facebook.

Mehucki competition

Students prepare to take part in different competitions on regional and national level, covering a variety of subjects: Slovene language, Mathematics and logic, History, foreign languages, sports competitions and others. Gimnazija Moste has organized and hosted a national competition in chemical experiments for elementary school students for a number of years.

Camps and excurisons

A mathematical camp is organised for students of the fourth year, whereas junior students go on a one-day excursion to different regions of Slovenia. On a cross-curricular basis, additional excursions are organised around Slovenia (Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, Murska Sobota, etc. ) as well as abroad (France, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, etc.).

Mathematical camp

Introductory trip for first-year

At the beginning of a school year, first-year students are taken on a trip (usually to the Slovenian coast) are accompanied by senior student tutors. Students get to know each other while tutors share their experience about school life and offer further advice on good learning skills and strategies.

Introductory trip

Projects days

Project days are reserved for creative research, with a different topic every year. They are carried out in various ways during the school year. In 2017, the topic is Ljubljana, the Green Capital. Students will carry out research focusing on natural science, social science and languages. This will require taking measurements with smart phones, doing detective work in escape room and much more. The activities aim to encourage curiosity, creativity and innovation.


We take part in projects: Zdrava šola (Healthy School), Botrstvo (Patronship for children from socially disadvantaged families), Pozor(ni) na okolje (An initiative to save the environment), Planetu Zelja prijazna šola (School that is friendly to planet Earth). We participate in the international programme MEPI and UNESCO school projects.

In Gimnazija Moste each student matters, therefore:

  • Schoolwork for athletes and artists is more flexible, we strive to meet their needs.
  • Individualized programmes are made for students with special needs.
  • Less talented students are offered weekly assistance in specific subjects, whereas talented students can attend additional, more challenging lessons.

Prom dance

 For everyone who wants to get ready for the challenges of future!

MOSTE. More than just a school!

V sredo 30. 11. 2016 se je na Gimnaziji Moste odvijalo državno tekmovanje iz kemijskega poskusa za osnovnošolce. Tekmovanja se je udeležilo 16 najboljših poskusov. Rezultate si lahko ogledate v prispevku.

V sodelovanju z Inštitutom za trajnostni razvoj smo na Gimnaziji Moste v okviru projekta  “EAThink2015 – misli globalno, jej lokalno” izvedli delavnice državljanskega novinarstva.

V letošnjem letu bo Gimnazija Moste sodelovala pri projektu Planetu zemlja prijazna šola. Pri projektu bomo izvajali različne tematske delavnice, s katerimi želimo dijakom približati odgovoren odnos do sočloveka, vseh živih bitij ter narave. Želja je, da bi to postal način življenja prihodnjih generacij.


Gimnazija Moste

Gimnazija Moste
Zaloška 49, 1000 Ljubljana
Tajništvo: 01 547 41 00
Zbornica: 01 547 41 13

Fax: 01 547 41 11
Davčna št.: 79887520
Matična št.: 5084138



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